Monday, October 24, 2011

my latest refurbs

I don't know how you guys spent m.e.a. weekend but I got to drive back up to the cities with my girls to see my family. The time in between visits was a bit longer then usual this time and I was missing my family something terrible. It was soo nice to be home even if my hubby stayed home to work some over time.
I always sleep at my older sisters in my nieces room. She gives up her bed for me and the girls/ hubby since she has a double bed. One thing that has driven me crazy this past few visits is no bed side lamp!! I have to turn out the light and stumble my way back to bed and then god forbid I need to see to grab my phone or something. Sooo I made a mental note to look for a lamp to refurb for her. I found this milk glass one similar to mine and knew this was it and if she didn't want it I would keep it. Well no such luck she like it.

I panted the worn metal silver and then recovered the lamp shade in some zebra fabric and added some ribbon the the top and bottom and there you have it a super cute little lamp that otherwise would have been passed up and it made things more comfy for my trip. I love to use the little flat part at the bottom to throw my chap stick or jewelry on at the end of the evening. :)
After that me and my sis looked around because she was sure we could find something to do with the rest of the zebra fabric and I found this..
My nieces desk chair it is wrote all over and stained on the cushion.
We painted it black and recovered the cushion in the zebra print and bam super cute chair.
another project my sis had lined up for me was a rolling tv stand she had thrifted and wanted to make into a upholstered ottoman. We lucked out that the top of this will just pop off so we removed it then we wrestled (literally) the egg crate out from under my nephews but on his futon and cut two pieces then we lined then up together threw some batting over that and the fabric staple gunned it on and then put it back together and she has a great big upholstered ottoman that cost roughly $20 (7 for tv stand, 8 for fabric, and a few bucks for batting)
then I came home and set to work on some of my projects. Here is a side table I thrifted a while back it is on wheels and it has some water damage that wouldn't sand out. But after a bit of love I still think it is adorable.
I panted it in grey and yellow.
I got these shutters and painted then for some mail/ bill sorters and I am going to put hooks in the bottom for keys to hang. The black ones are chalk board paint.
This is a great little shelf that I found and repainted. I think it is fabulous.
This is another table that I painted. I had decided to try the lace painting technique I am seeing allot lately. I did silver over the wood color.
I also painted the legs and edges and any extras silver also.
I have a few more things that I have yet to finish. :) I will have to save then for another day. I am going to get in a bit of work on some knitting and then head off to bed :) Hope you guys had a great weekend too!
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  1. Wow, Aimee -- you do lovely work! So creative. :)