Monday, August 30, 2010

First day of school/pampering for mama

Today was a big day in our house hold. It was my post op which went great. I got the last few pieces of fishing line trimmed from the sides of my breast (it felt like I had the tags still on them) I also got the ok to soak in the tub (we all know how I love to lock the door and hid in there for hours on end) and I found out that they removed a pound from my right breast and Pound and a half from my left!!! (It didn't seem like there was that much of a difference lol) So 2.5 pounds!!! But the most exciting thing going on in this house is this...

Monkey butts first day of first grade. That means packing lunches (big deal). Her father bought her the biggest lunch box I have ever seen. She had a good day everything went well. I was very happy to hear. She got up for the first time to a alarm clock and was dressed teeth brushed and ate breakfast with in 15 minutes lol. I was still dragging my self out of bed.
While the kids are off I figured I would share a new secret I have with the mommies... I have a new face regimen. It works better then anything I have ever used. I love it soo much. I have sorta sensitive skin. I get eczema and tend to be on the dry side and ever since I tried going back to mary kay this winter my chin has been prone to break outs. Well no longer my friends. Let me tell you my secret. I got this from (like most good things in my life) a blog. Thats so cuegly. She is brilliant. It is o.c.m. Oil Cleansing Method. I know sounds crazy will clog your pores that is too freaky no way. WRONG. Don't ask why this works it just does. Oil cleanses mixes with oil leaving your face soft smooth glowing and not greasy. Also because you aren't using harsh chemicals it doesn't dry me out. Love my skin because of it. So here is the scoop on what you need..
A moisturizing oil (grape seed is great and I got this giant bottle at the evil corp. of walmart for 5$!!!!! ) You can also use evoo but heavier and may clog pores on some people, coconut oil (yum but more $) and jojaba oil. (again heavier) Grape seed has some spf properties is light and helps aid in repair what not to love doesn't leave me greasy either. So that is #1 #2 is Castor oil. This cleanses your skin and pulls out impurities. (no it doesn't smell fishy that is cod liver oil. Castor doesn't smell like anything) and you can add some essential oils. I add a bit of tea tree into my mix for the acne fighting :) I mix mine about 65% grape seed to 35% Castor and then a few drops of tea tree. that is what is in the aveda bottle. Then # 3 a washcloth. That is it. A whole ton of this and it cost maybe 7$ to make !!!! What was I doing before. Now here is what you do:
#1 pour a palm full of the oil mix in your hand and massage into your face. Do for a few minutes. Not scrub your face off but just massage in..
#2 get your washcloth wet with the hottest water you can take (don't burn your self) Then lay it on your face
#3 Relax take some time to chill out and let it cool to room temp. massage your skin to help work properties and redo steps 2 and 3 a few more times
#4 wash off oil with wash cloth rinse it and keep wiping until it is off.
#5 splash face with cool water to close pores
#6 (optional) apply few drops of oil for moisturiser.

That is it people it removes all make up eye make comes off beautifully and oil even helps strengthening your lashes! I got my niece hooked she has issues with little red bumps on her cheeks since she was a baby and has sensitive skin that tends to get dry but this seemed to work really well so far.

grape seed oil rocks! it is all I use for a moisturiser now. My make up has spf but I might use a bit more if I will be in the sun allot. Here is some more info on it if you are curious.

Here is what else I did with my first school day. Coachella here I come. Enjoy the tips guys

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