Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Birthday present # 1 down

Some of you may remember my niece Megan (mean) Taylor. Her birthday is next week and she will be turning 12. I was having a hard time figuring out with to make her. She took up dancing last year and with some help from my girlfriend Angela from knitters palette I decided on a shrug out of vintage wool to keep her arms warm at dance.

I wanted something pretty we talked about a few different lace stitches. and I came home started to dig out patterns and one was from a sock pattern so as I was digging through my pattern binder I saw Angela's sock pattern crevasse which I love it has a very simple beautiful stitch to it and I totally recomend to everyone. So I test knit and swatched a bunch of different ways and stitches and the prettiest by far used that stitch pattern. So I set to work. I made my sister send me measurements. Here is what I came up with..

I decided to call it Taylor (Megans middle name)..

Here is monkey butt modeling it. It should be elbow length on my niece. It is soft and pretty and can go with either jeans and cami, dress, curled up with a movie or book in jamas or over her dance outfit. I am hoping it fits well and that she likes it. I can always adjust the size. but it only took 3 days to knit. One day was all swatching and figuring out how I wanted it to look and what not. I could have finished in one day easy.

Here is the front view. I really do love this. Monkey butt is super jealous and wants one of her own now. :) I am love it :)

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