Sunday, August 29, 2010

pioneer woman I am not..

So before we went up to gpa Dannys for the weekend I finished Lelah. my strapless top. I love it soo much it isn't funny. I love this pic because by some magic I look smaller

Monkey butt actually did pretty good job taking pics with my phone. and Don't mind the bed head and no make up. I can wear it with no bra which makes be love it because still no bras in my world. (post surgery)
Here is the side view.

Then we went to gpa Danny's. here is some highlights.

Here is the calf's crowding the barn and waiting for their food. They go crazy and mooo and moo

Here is a very typical picture of fire monster up there. Playing in the dirt. She is always dusty and dirty up there. (note to self must remember to clip her dirty finger nails ick)

Here they are feeding Alice a cow who has a broken hip. Now you can tell I am not a farm girl because I asked" will she recover" . Danny looked at me and said" the FREEZER!!!!" I decided not to eat beef next trip up since I have now been formally introduced. I make it a habit not to eat things that I have looked square int the eye.

here is gpa and the kids out feeding cows. This is very typical. I love this one especially because this is very Gpa Danny explaining things. (gpa Danny and gma terry are prolly the biggest know it alls I have ever met lol)

Gma Terry is in a band so we went out to dinner and to catch the first tiny bit of her show. Fire monster is a dancing fool. She goes crazy on the dance floor there is no stopping her.

Even Monkey butt who is just a bit too cool these days got in on the action. It was a ton of fun to watch.

but alas we were up and on the road early this morning to get home to civilization because monkey butt starts first grade tomorrow and I have my post op. So I have some ducks to get in a row. I hope everyone is enjoying the last little bit of their summer break.


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