Wednesday, August 18, 2010

post op

Well in order to show you guys the honest truth of what my operation was all about I am documenting the days. I have my first pic was of yesterday day evening day of surgery.

I had to have my ace bandage on there was no peeking and there was a patch over my left breast because it was bleeding through a bit but I really didn't feel bad. I spent most of the evening in my ace bandage tube top so that I could ice with out dealing with a shirt and I did ice and ice and ice some more. With ice packs that were made of powder that mama sherry brought me. they rocked. I got put under at 11 and I got home by 5 I could have been home earlier except I couldn't stay awake. So i slept the whole car ride home and then I slept on the couch until 7 and then went back to bed from 12 until 2 and was up for ever because 20 hours of sleep was enough for a while I guess. But I doped my self up with benadril at 5 and went back to sleep until 10:30
this is me the next day after a shower I got to take my bandages off (this is sans bra seeing as I am stitched ). I was a 36 g now I should be a 36 c after the swelling goes down. The girls are very cute and perky when clothed but they look a little bit like a shark attack victim underneath (hey I told you I was going to tell the truth)

here is the side view. me and my ladies spent most of the afternoon evening ripping the somewhat cowl and raglan leaf t to make other things that will fit from them :) all very exciting but I am going to drug my self with some benadril and go to sleep :) sleep well every one

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  1. You look fantastic!

    I can't believe you're up and taking pictures already.