Saturday, August 7, 2010


First thing I have is a tip. I was having bad earaches yesterday and was pretty sure all the fluid behind my ear turned into a ear infection and I remembered hearing on Dr oz that if you put garlic in your ear it takes away ear infections.

I googled it and sure enough there is allot out there on it. I bought some garlic and cut it up into the size of a ear plug. I then put it in my ear and put a cotton ball and a band aid over to hold it in over night. Almost immediately thought my ear pain was almost gone. I had been having pain all day and gone just like that. So next time there are ear infection issues give it a shot. Do not cut it small enough to get stuck it should just fit into the ear though. It is something to do with the antimicrobial probabilities of the garlic.
but here is what I have been up to. I wanted to move my sofa table out of my laundry room. which I have been using it to fold laundry. and I am getting a shelf put into there to fold on. So here is what I am doing with the sofa table.
This is the area for it. I am making a little cute nitch to sorta organize.

up top is a few containers for some of my scissors. then there is some yarn, my needles, and I have some of the rocks we picked up camping up north, my little containers and...

this cute little idea i got from a magazine. It is using a dish rack as a file holder. It is for things that I am trying to keep on hand but organised. Things aren't perfect yet but I do love it. I am exhausted though. So I am going to chill out have a lemonade and Jeremiah weed which if you have never heard of it Jeremiah weed is a ice tea flavored vodka. So it is so yummy it is just like a ice tea and lemonade. I love it I have peach. I am going to curl up with a tall sweaty glass right now. :) night guys

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