Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Sunday Sunday...

This is mama Sherry..

She is giving fire monster some love because I couldn't :( I am a huge snuggler. I snuggle fire monster many times during the day and night, I snuggle my hubby at night, I snuggle monkey butt when the mood strikes her too through out the day as she is attached to my hip but since Tuesday there has been no snuggles. I miss it soo much. I can't snuggle or sleep on my belly or stomachs (my chosen methods of sleeping). Life is sorta rough and I am feeling the wear on my nerves.

Here is Miss Sherry baking with Meggie tay. last night. They had a good time.

Here is Meggie tays cake they were baking last night that I decorated this morning. :) For her birthday party today. We also had a wedding today I wore a dress my sister loaned me and found that my Juliana matched it very well. I finally got to wear it out.

I was very excited. But if you look at my tummy you will see that anywhere that got a tinsy bit wet showed huge!!! So we went to the ceremony outside at 4:00 one of the hottest hours of the day and then went inside went potty and did the once over in the mirror only to discover that my entire back was a sweat mark!!! Oh crap!! No hand driers either So I tied my shrug on fanned my dress around me when I sat down and was careful not to sit back against the satin chairs so I could dry.

Then I begged and pleaded my hubby to dance with me I got a few squeezed out before we jumped back in the car to get the kids and he morphed back into the black hole of negativity he can sometimes be and sucked any joy out of the evening. :( Well I love him non the same and tomorrow is a new day. Off to bed people.

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