Saturday, April 3, 2010

fairisle/ bb pancakes

You know you love a man when you knit him fairisle

Well I am am going to start this post by sharing with you one of my familys new favorite breakfasts. I use Bisquick heart healthy mix (2c) water (1.25c) and two egg whites and here is the kicked that makes these the best a few good table spoons of polaners blue berry preserves. They are awesome fluffy yummy blue berry pancakes that are soo good and 3 is only 5 points. I mix all of it up using my cast iron skillet and a bit of canola oil I cook them by the quarter cup full on a 4 (med low) when the bubbles start popping flip you will have perfect awesome pancakes every time. My family has been begging for them. Fire monster ate 3 the last two times I made them with no problem and only stopped because I ran out.

I put brummel and brown on mine and sprinkle of powdered sugar yummy ...

Here is what I made for Easter Sunday for the fam..

Busy woman's lemon sour cream pie..

and strawberry cream cheese pie. Both of these recipes are my mommy Sherry's recipes (she is my friends mommy who has taken me in :) we love her and we love her yummy goodies)
The pie crusts which were made from scratch are her recipes too . I can hardly wait to dig into those. I will not give out her secret recipes though. :)
I also made cheesy potato's but they are in the fridge in my Pyrex dish waiting until we get there tomorrow to be cooked.

I worked on this the past few days. I knit it all the way up ripped it knit it again. and now am done it is blocking. I am so happy to be done with that. I am just not a good fairisle knitter. I have one more fairisle project that needs to be done for my nephew but I can only bring my self to do so much at a time.

Next I think will be a shirt for me. Another raglan leaf t. Another great event worth mentioning was I got to go to knit group at knitters palette the other day and see some great knitters that it is always a pleasure to see. It is such a great joy any time I get there. Pam's shop is really that nicest place to go. The decor is cozy and the staff is so sweet and welcoming. I just love it. The group of ladies who meet there are a blast too. My Valerie was there with her new wheel too that was a treat to see her spinning. Well alas the hubby is home and I must prepare Easter business. Happy Easter people

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