Friday, April 2, 2010

Oh happy day

So today I finally got my monkey butt back from her dads. She was there for a few days for spring break. I have been waiting because I blocked the sweater last night and sewed the last bits together today. It fits her great. I am super excited I just need to find some cute buttons now. She seemed to like it which is good too.

here she is modeling it. She is missing so many teeth now it is almost creepy. 5 are gone no where to be seen and that makes 7 lost total only 2 have grown back..

here is the back and please keep in mind that I didn't do that hair that was the ex's piggy tails lol. Me and firemonster have been lost with out her all week. We were sick of each other by this afternoon she no longer wanted to hang out with me and was trying to get under my skin just for the fun of it. I took her to the park a few times today hoping she would play and get some of her sauciness out but she would just do things on purpose to push the limit (boredom and sick of me ) and I wanted her to have fun and leave me alone for 3 minutes straight lol. but we didn't get our wish until sis and dad got home. Once they did it was great. We hung out they played on the back porch and all over the house while I cooked spinach lasagna roll ups they were dancing and having a blast. :) I get ben home for a entire day off tomorrow something that hasn't' happened it weeks. So I am going to snuggle him got to bed and enjoy tomorrow.
I am attempting to upload a video of the dance party that was going on while I cooked :)
enjoy and I hope you all did a little happy dance today too :)

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  1. That Monkey Butt sure is growing up f-a-s-t! Both girls are adorable. Glad you have your family back together!