Tuesday, April 6, 2010

taking some sick days

Okay so here things around here have been insane. I have been sick since last week. I am on meds but not sure if they are helping. I did get the as I have come to know it "god forsaken moose hat" done. Here is pics of it on the hubby's head. The thing is very long. I have read many that have that complaint though.

here it is all the glory

take note of the longness I was complaining about. Other then that we spend Easter at the sis's and it was great awesome food. The girls got tons of change and some dollars during the Easter egg hunt

monkey butt spent her money from the hunt on some cute flip flops from target

fire monster spent hers one some princess frog undies.

which we promptly put into action with a new potty chair. This definitely made for way more craziness but at the end of the day she only had one accident and she is in love with her new musical potty :)
So don't be shocked if you don't' see much of me for a few days but I am sure I will have my hands full with her potty training and until I quit spending my mornings on the bathroom floor with nausea I don't have much time on my hands :) and just to be very clear no there won't be any new additions to the powers mafia it is just a u.t.i.

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