Friday, April 23, 2010

teddies tulips

So when I was a child growing up in Washington tulips were a big thing to me. I always knew that it meant that the cold harsh weather and hard times were a thing of the past spring was here and better things were to come when I saw the tulips and daffodils had bloomed. In my mind they meant hope and a new beginning. I loved them.
Up on the coast of Washington there is a big area where they have Fields and Fields full of tulips. I remember going there many times with my family as a child to see all the tulips blooming. All the beautiful Fields of tulips of all different colors and shapes and sizes. It was breath taking.

One year me and my dad went out in our back yard and planted tulip bulbs along side of our house. Every year those tulips would bloom. Red and yellow and eventually they became a bit of hybrids with a mix of both. My dad used to call me every year and say our tulips are blooming :)

Then when my dad passed away in may of 2006 from a short lived battle with lung cancer I went and bought the most beautiful Orange/peach tulips I had ever seen to bring to the memorial service. After word I sent them home with my pregnant niece my dad was very fond of because her baby meant a beautiful new beginning.

My mom still calls some times of texts me pictures of me and my dads tulips that are still there blooming.

A few years ago me and a few girl friends were sitting around enjoying a glass of wine and knitting and we came up with the idea to do some tulips socks. My girl Friend sent me a rough draft of the tulip petal part it sat there until now I added the stem and leaf and there you go. Teddies tulips were born.

My dad was a guy some things good some things bad. He wasn't perfect but he was my dad and I loved him. Tulips will always remind me of the childhood awe a daughter hold for her father.

Love you daddy

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