Thursday, April 15, 2010

block block and more blocks..

So here is the finished product of the curlers. The monkey butt really enjoys some curly hair (as all of us straight haired girls do)

Today has been a rough one. For some reason I am just having a day where nothing is coming easy. Every thing has to be done the hard way and after numerous tinks and at least 4 restarts on my stupid Anastasia socks I have ripped them and conceded to the fact that I am going to have to make them toe up and I am soo not in the mood I may just hid the sock yarn some where in a bag and not look at it for months like i have in the past. ( I am beginning to think my knit one crochet two ty dy sock yarn I had to have last year is evil since it has caused me nothing but pain at this point. ) I think it has some sort of bad ju ju.

Alas I will move on and show you what I got done before I touched the accursed sock yarn. I made sock blockers out of place mats that are the size for monkey butt and my nephews socks. The place mats where thinner then I would like but they have small feet so I cut 4 and hot glued two layers together for nice thick sock blockers.

Here and the monkey mans socks. I finished them and tossed them on the sock blockers to get a shot. I have tons of hand washes that need done my leaf t these socks lots of other things but I just don't have the heart for it today. I think I may have to read tonight since I am scared to try to start anything else and my socks just were ripped again and I think I might sob uncontrollably if I screw up again. I don't understand where this is so hard for me I have knit the 2 billion bead lace stole I have knit lots of complicated things but these socks are going to be the death of me (and what a embarrassing one that would be lol) Well I guess it is me and Abraham Lincoln vampire hunter and the cranky over worked hubby tonight lol. Wish me luck people. I think I need it and If I should be mysteriously hung by some sock yarn...I warned you people it was evil !!!

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  1. No - it's not evil! It's *wonderful* sock yarn. Perhaps it just doesn't want to be Anastasia socks.... (I used mine for mittens.)
    Monkey butt looks lovely with her curly hair :)
    Take some time off and spend it with your poor, tired hubby. You both deserve it!