Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year / who needs some coffee :)

I am a fan of New Years I don't always have to go to a party but I just like to celebrate new beginnings and letting go of things I guess. I spent New Years at my sisters with My sis Melissa's fam and the lovely Ell family too. This was the start of the evening. :) I put on a cute smokey eye and clear lip gloss..

Threw on one of my favorite dresses. I love the way it fits my shape and is very romantic flowey and comfortable. but does require some double stick tape lol

I love this dress

yeah the cleavage was a bit much at times but I love this flowy dress so much. Hey I have waited a long time to have cute little perky boobs and even after the breast reduction they won't always be that, so darn it why not make the most of it every now and again and take them out on the town eh?

This was the mood the next day..

snuggly, relaxed, and lazy while hanging out with the family.

I saw these are caribou coffee earlier this fall and thought hmm... So I sat curled up on the couch and finished these to share with you guys. :)

its a small fingerless mitt that doubles as...

a coffee sleeve that fits a med/grande coffee perfectly. I love it I tested it out when we went out for our morning coffee it worked great. :) would make a lovely super easy stash buster gift. So here is the pattern enjoy :)

fingerless coffee mitts:

sport weight yarn

size 4 needles (either dp or at least 32'' circ)

darning needle
terms: bo=bind off
co= cast on

co 40 stitches and

join in round and k2p2 ribbing for 10 rows.

then knit for 20 rows

on the 21s row knit one then preform a one row button hole bo 6 stitches

then knit 10 more rows

then knit 5 rows of k2p2 ribbing

bo I did a stretchy bo at first then undid it and found the regular bo off worked better I put the finger side on the bottom of cup :)

hope you guys enjoy this it works with any sport weight yarn and I will come up with a fingering weight version soon but right now I need more coffee and a bath to counter act last nights wine ;) thanks for reading heart you guys :)

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