Sunday, January 9, 2011

my sisters house

So here is my sisters house and how much snow we had the week of Christmas (it is really insane) lol but i wanted to share with you the thing there that makes me crazy jealous...her girl cave
Here is one wall the blue part of the wall is magnetic and that is a counter height work bench the length of the wall. When she designed the work bench she made it to double as a guest bed but with everything all set up on it, it is easier to sleep on Calvins bottom bunk. There are magnetic tool holders on the right wall. The cubbies in the back are full of mostly jewelery making materials right now that she uses for her etsy, but there are some scrapbooking things and random stuff thrown in I am sure. The flat screen tv is hooked to a roku so we can watch netflix too.
The next pic is her computer desk area which has magnetic wall also and a cute lamp and there is a giant shelf with square cubbies from ikea for books and various craft goodies. Inside the closet is painted yellow. What she is sitting at in this picture is a flip down sewing table!!! It flips down to sew on and then you flip it up clip it up and it looks like a peice of art hanging on the wall. This makes me crazy jealous i love it tooo much.
Here is my sis and Fire Monster hanging out.
And here is lola her giant dog with Fire Monster lol.
Well i spent about ten hours at Mall of America today and am exhausted I need to watch trashy tv and zone out while drinking tons of ice water to settle my stomach from all the crud i ate. Night guys
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  1. I don't blame you for being jealous of that wonderful crafting space!