Tuesday, January 18, 2011

hmm what a day...

So this morning I finished up orders for etsy and I premiered my cotton candy pink and vanilla cupcake hats

I am soo glad they finally started making a pink in charisma geez.

isn't it just good enough to eat lol
here is fire monster modeling one.
and here is the adult size (don't' mind the crappy phone pix lol) but once I got all my orders set to go out I headed off to the gym

Yes this is how I roll I look like something out of the lollipop guild I know but the socks are comfy I always ALWAYS wear knee socks to work out and those gym Capri's stay up really well while I run but 2 miles in I was headed off by a urinary tracked infection and spent the rest of my morning like this..
In the tub with a skinny sf vanilla and Carmel latte extra foam (hey with no whip you do what you can lol) and the British show being human on the computer until I could get into the doctors. well Now I am off to do a few chores assisted by the monsters then curl up in bed. night guys
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