Saturday, January 29, 2011

sick socks

So after spending Tues -Thur dead in bed sick as a dog getting worse by the day but I kept telling my self it was the flu or a viral infection no point on going in ..I mean really what is a throat so sore you feel like a new born vampire, fever, body aches, congestion, cough, and stomach pains right..I mean if you go in you'll just get the good old "its viral drink lots of fluids and get rest" or its the flu. So I layin bed waiting to die I didn't sooo much as sit on my couch!!! But Thursday night my little monkey butt woke up crying about a sore throat and I called the nurse line and made her a appointment. right away..I mean she is just a kid there has to be something they can do for my poor baby...well she had there for I have strep throat.
Today is day two of antibiotics she is good as new of coarse but I am still running between 25% and 50% depending on when you catch me. So while I was in bed when I was awake and lucid some of the time I could knit. I finished off these..
Its java socks from they are okay not my favorite socks I have ever knit and the yarn cascade heritage not my fav. but I got them done and they do conform nicely to feet I will give them that.
They have a patterned arch which is interesting and different.
After all those tiny tedious cables and feeling like death I decided I needed to knit something simple but not boring. I chose..
Hagrids mystery motorcycle socks they were interesting enough to keep me going, not complicated enough to kill me and still manly enough for my hubby and would go good to try out the new knit picks chroma (very rough reminds me of a noro type yarn not my thing necessarily) but the colors are interesting I believe I chose northern woods for him ? anyway here was just before the heel
I had to hurry to get this pic before the sun went down lol. but I am still not feeling too great so I am going to find a good movie to put on and curl up with these socks. :) Hope every one is doing great and sorry so sporadic lately lol
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  1. Those socks are a great-looking pattern I may have to try! Thanks for the commentary on the KnitPicks Chroma -- I had been attracted to the colors, but thought it would be like Essential (which I like). I may have to think longer about trying some. Glad you have a diagnosis and some antibiotics. Hope you are all back to normal very soon!

  2. very nice socks...both pair...being a huge Harry Potter fan I love the Hagrid ones for sure...