Monday, January 17, 2011

roller derby day woot woot

So on Friday my big sis called and asked if I wanted to go to the roller of coarse I soo wanted to go to the roller derby duh. I was so super excited on Saturday I got dressed up in derby appropriate gear..

So did she with her girls rule t-shirt

met up with Beth and Shayle and went out to dinner at hells kitchen in Minneapolis. My chicken sandwich was yummoo my drink not so much lol but its all good.

then got back to the convention center for some roller derby.

We are soo sold if I had time for practices I would sooo be begging to join lol

There was lots of interesting and silly stuff going on there.

I got a delta delta di shirt lol.

We were reading through the program on the way home and deciding whose name we would be if we were the roller derby girls Beth (officer Beth) would be bookem dano, my sis (who is a questionable driver) would be mama crash and I would be ninja kitty. but mean taylor renamed me I would be aim howitzer lol (my maiden name is hauser so it is pretty funny) Anyway I rejoined ww officially this last week and am going Strong. I have been tracking everything and made it to the gym 5 days last week and went today too. I am always going to be nervous for weigh in Wednesday at the meeting. Well hope you all are having a great day I am off to finish cleaning :)
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  1. Hi Aimee -- nice blog :) I've been reading for a bit, surfed in from another knitting site somewhere. I finally had to comment because you mentioned Hell's Kitchen in Minneapolis -- one of my favorite restaurants! I would commit small crimes for their homemade peanut butter ;) I'm about to move also, so I hear you loud & clear.

  2. I haven't tried the peanut butter I was trying to stay under my weight watchers point lol peanut butter is sooo many points but one day I will splurge I think we will go up soon to celebrate :) is it the mn one you go to?