Thursday, January 27, 2011

sooo sick

Well some home I caught the flu. I have been in bed for three days straight now with no end in sight. I am miserable. My sister kept fire monster tues afternoon while the hubby worked and I had her yesterday (very interesting and I am still shocked that everyone made it out alive..namely me) and today my lovely sister in law is going to keep her. I have already dozed off once in my bed surrounded by tissues. Yesterday I worked up a bit of energy to work on these..
The pattern is java socks from knitty and the yarn in heritage by cascade. I can't say I love the pattern so much or the yarn. but meh oh well. They do seem to conform nicely to the foot so far when I put them on though. I have been lucky enough to have this sweet girl..
who is pretty good at helping her mama out and taking care of her and hanging out :) She is and will always be my little savior :) Well I need to eat , nap, drink 200 liters of crystal light, and tea and go through 5600 more tissues so I will talk to you guys later...if I survive this yeash.
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  1. Wow - so much illness this year!!! I hope you are better very soon (congrats on surviving your day), and that no one else gets this!