Monday, January 31, 2011

valentines day table.

I have two things to share. I wanted to show my new valentines day table. It is missing a nice red table runner but other then that it is revamped.

these are some valentines day place matts I got at target last year and and I got the "table cloth" actually a shower curtain (they work great as table cloths and are very easy to clean and care for)
I also did a revamp on my hurricane glasses.

the little foam things are from the 1$ store.

But now the other thing I wanted to share is I am starting a second blog. It is letters from juliet . I have had been sorta going through some stuff with my first love and I thought this blog would be a great way to vent some sadness about the whole thing. :) So please read enjoy and remember this is a no judging zone! I am only human people. I have gone through things like everyone else out there in the world I am not perfect ;) and one more thing I found out my hubby is getting a new job today and we will be moving 3 hours away from my family friends and life. But on the plus side this is a great career opportunity for my hubby and I will love and support him through this whole mess of moving. :) hmmm I feel a long bath coming on to shirk my responsibilities. see ya later

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  1. Moving?!?!?

    Thank goodness for the blog, then I can still keep in touch!