Monday, January 3, 2011

hmmm santa must have confussed me with someone else

So some of you may remember back in august I took a trip to the in laws and met Alice the cow. Alice had a broken leg and I was concerned about how they were going to heal her he informed me oh yeah she would be nursed...all the way to the butcher!!!

well since I took such a shine to Alice they decided for Christmas they would give her to me..
in the form of ground chuck and a few t-bones!!! I don't know if you can hear this from where ever you are but it is the sound of me retching. Bleh I do not eat anything that I have met. Much a less know its name and have met and looked in the eye.

So while every one else is eating this..

sloppy Jo's and since I am back on the wagon I will not be eating lunches like this..

but back to this...

salad with kens light honey mustard. I have a unhealthy obsession with kens it is the best dressing I could eat it with pretty much anything. So since I am back to eating healthy I am finding ways to make things fun and keeping things interesting. I found these at target..

they are super cute and I can't wait to bake some yummy things in them. :) well my etsy has picked up and I have cupcake hats to knit and I am still working on knitting the fingering weight mocha mitts. :) So I am off.

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  1. I saw a calf being born at my in-laws' farm and couldn't help but gush about the experience with my husband's family. A year and a half later, Blackjack, that little calf, became mine, also in little white butcher-paper packages.

    I feel your pain.