Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Last minute push


So I haven't blogged since the dad in law and step mom came to visit. It was fairly brief and we went out to eat so I didn't have to play the happy hostess which was super wonderful because they invited the sister in law to eat out with us. If it would have been at my house I would have been way more strained to try to be a nice hostess. I just ate my dinner tried to be the bigger person and just take one for the team.
As a reward for my efforts the hubby (who was super proud of me for not being my self) put the girls to bed and fought the long fight while I took a nice long ( and I mean like hour and a half long) bubble bath while I watched dead like me on the lap top. (it makes me so happy to put it some where I can see it and climb in and relax)
Here is a picture I missed from family dinner and thought it was too darn cute not to put up. Me and the hubby of coarse :)
But since then I have been working furiously to catch up on my hanami. I have a few days left in the knit Olympics. I was 4 charts behind as of yesterday and I told my hubby not to count on me getting anything done. This was emergency time I had to push and catch up. So I neglected my chores (for the most part anyway some things must be done like feeding the children and what not)
By the end of the night I had a band aid wrapped around the top of my left index finger I wrap the yarn around when I knit ( the yarn was starting to cut my finger I had knit soo much soo long) and I only had a half a chart to make up. I am now on the chart I should be on today and only have half of it left. I will be totally caught up as of tomorrow. I took a break to blog because I have a splitting headache. I watched new in town and time travelers wife this afternoon while I caught up. I had such a stinkin head ache I had to take a break though. I will cook dinner and then get back at it. :)

Here is a very up close picture I took today to show you some of the lace and beading starting

Here is a look at the full thing so far..

and this shot I was trying to show off the beads if you look really hard you can see them shining in the light. I am going too cook dinner and get some things done around here since I only have a few hours work left..give or take and hope my headache is cleared up with the Advil and soda break :) I am still on points and doing well. I have not worked out yet this week everything is taking back burner until I am entirely caught up :)

Hope every one is having a lovely day.


  1. Wow. You must be getting as speedy as Valerie. I can't believe how much you have knit!

  2. I would not go that far I could knit 100 more years and probably never catch up with val :)