Monday, February 8, 2010

snowed in

here is what today brought in our house...
It brought tons of snow it is almost higher then out air conditioner out back and is higher then the girls picnic table!! It has been snowing since yesterday and when last checked is still snowing!!
Here is another thing today brought...tons of laundry you don't do it over the weekend and this is what I get and that doesn't include the handknit/dedicates or the load of towels in the drier this is just way too much for me lol.
And here is our big purchase this tax season. A lap top we sorta had to have something reliable for my work and not to mention you cant do anything even apply for jobs any more with out one. so there you have it my new baby. I haven't names her yet but it will have to be something good.
here is what she looks like closed she has a really cute design on the outside. I love it white was not my first choice but i really do love her.
Here are some neat things I picked up at a family favorite (half price books) with the sis's yesterday. I got my zombie valentine the back just sounded too fun to pass up, naughty needles which i have wanted to two years and a old fav from the clearance I am a big fan of Lorna Landvic and i love angry housewives eating bon bons. My number one fav though is patti janes house of curl but i do love into the great mysterious. She is great.
This is my sisters cowl I am working for her it is going to be just lovely. I am trying to stretch it out so my next project will be the knit Olympics project not to mention I would like to spend as much time with this squooshy thing i can before i have to hand it off it is just sooo... yummy.

I had the niece over the weekend and got the call this afternoon that she has the stomach flu and since she stayed sat. night and since she thinks it is hilarious to lick me to make me mad I am unsurprised that I am not feeling so hot I am going to lay back for now and hope that it is just my work out after dinner settling and watch one of my new favorite shows life unexpected and enjoys some yummy alpaca. Good night people.

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  1. Ooooh. What are you knitting for the Olympics?