Tuesday, February 16, 2010

oh grudge..what is that you are staying a while ..

Ah today was semi stress full. To give the back story me and a certain in law have been fighting for a few months now and today I almost gave it up and just said let selfish people be selfish people who use people and moved on but then she said something and I thought.....nope still mad. So I am not over anything the grudge is still there and if you know me in person you know I might just have to build a extra room onto the house it could be here so long.

I am one of those people who can hold a grudge for sure. I will let things go I will give you warning after warning but if you don't change your ways and continue to push me I blow up like the coyote chasing the road runner strapped to a rocket. And let me tell you over a month ago I got a big order from a.c.m.e. I blew up so bad I am still floating some where in the atmosphere.

Sometimes there are just tooo many things said and too many things you let go and let slide for soo long and then it is just ...well I don't know where to go from here. If it was just a friend I could just not be Friends with her anymore or not talk to her for like 10 years until I am not mad anymore but she is my husbands family. This has caused lots of turmoil for him and we all know how I feel about him and how much I love him but where do you draw the line.

So I am hoping to get over this but I am not sure how....man I wish someone actually read this thing and could give me advice lol.

Anyway I did brave the Arctic tundra outside to get a picture of the car formerly known as the beast for all you people who I pretend read this. This picture here is "The Red Dragon" my very clever husband came up with her name. He stole it from a fav movie Old School. Will Farrel has his car the red dragon and he says "she isn't exactly street legal" which defanity describes this little dude seeing as it has a exhaust fixed with a peach can,no power steering,or rear view mirror. I haven't rode in her yet but I am still sorta endeared to her . :)

So there you have her people in all her glory The Red Dragon.

This picture is of my dinner tonight lol It is one of my new favorites the pizzas made with the arnolds buns and turkey peperoni and I had fresh green beans with some butter powder stuff my gma used to use I can't recall the name right now lol. but It was cute and yummy and made me happy. I did work out today and am with in my points although I may use a few bonus points today to have a chocolate pudding (don't look at me like that this is serious people a bit of chocolate saves lives people)

So yeah I am hoping to take a bath and mull over things in my head. Please if anyone should happen upon this and knows how to get over hating someone who you have to see and deal with and have them around but not put up with their crap please fill me in because I have no clue it is not my forte. I am just at a loss. I keep sitting here pausing and thinking and I just don't know. I think it is pretty needless to say that I didn't get much lace knit today. I was too angry and if I messed it up I would really be mad. But my kitchen is spotless and sparkle since it was cleaned top to bottom out of anger lol.

Well people off to try for that bath and some chocolate....

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