Sunday, February 28, 2010

I love saturdays

This would be why...
I started the day out by making cinnamon rolls from scratch (the pioneer woman's recipe and yes it was my splurge day) I made a big batch (even though I halved her recipe It would have made 7 pie pans full if I didn't!!!) It was great but next time a bit less sugar, a different yeast and I will use maple flavoring in the frosting instead of maple syrup. Anyway they were still great and I will definitely make them again. I had one then I packed up the big cake pan of them and drug them out to my favorite local yarn store (knitters palette) to share them. I knit there while the hubby worked out and fire monster was in the daycare.
It was great relaxing and I got quiet a bit done. I also made huevos ree-os since the cinnamon rolls were quiet a long process. It was great Ben and the fire monster loved them. She ate two lol. I had one on a 1 point bagel. (had to save my calories for the roll) anyway. It was a great start to the day. We swung to my hubby's Friends for a quick visit for his birthday and now I am .home watching deadliest catch and going to work on my project.

here is link to recipe the the cinnamon rolls
here is the up close pic

This is the Juliana I am working on. It is a free berroco pattern.
it is gorgeous but here is the crazy part in between all the lacy parts is a stitch that will be dropped and allowed to unravel all the way to the beginning leaving a ladder. I chose to add a extra stitch in between the lace portion to have the portion in between ladders be more substantial looking. I also knit like 3 or 4 swatches and let me tell you if you are off by one stitch anywhere when you go to drop that stitch it will leave a huge hole in your knitting. ban news right so I am being super careful and I am using more stitch markers then usual.
Well guys long day I am exhausted and I really want to get some sleep my weekend is over now because the hubby works Sunday mornings and I will have to get up with the fire monster (not even monkey butt is here to help me out and grab her a muffin lol. ) So I am off to get some well needed beauty rest and dream of the cinnamon rolls me and fire monster will split for breakfast lol. Have a great weekend guys.

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