Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy vday big sis

Well here it is I have finished the Infinity cowl for my sister. I love it and I know she will too. I just thought it was time to let her know she is a awesome sister and I am lucky to have such a great one. I don't get to tell her near enough because lets face it she would probably punch me or something but every now and again it is good to hear right lol.
Here it is as the wrap around scarf..
and here as the quick use as a hat /scarf love it that way but watch the lipgloss lol.. so there it is the valentines cowl for my sister right in time for the giant snow storm.
speaking of which.. here is my house and to try to put this into perspective that mailbox is about as tall at me so i would say a tad over 5 foot notice the towering pile of snow behind it lol..
here is my big girl working very hard on her valentines for school so they will be ready for the party on Friday since we are letting her have her first ever skip day to go to childrens museum tomorrow.
and this was just one of those moments when you look at your child and think good god where did my baby girl go and who is this adorable too big for her britches toothless freckle face in her place . We were out to lunch at subway since we had to run all morning.
Well people it is ugly betty and nail night for me and this toooo fancy girl have a good night see you tomorrow
ps check out my color fishy thing i put up you can feed them lol

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