Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Muffin day

So today we went to story time with the girls. The fire monster had to
be removed because we forgot to reiterate the library rules and she
started a revolt amongst the othe naughty babies. Then we got our taxes
done. Ben dropped us off and ran off to work.
I made a batch of muffins they are weight watchers pumpkin chocolate
chip. They are made of one can pumpkin one vanilla box cake mix and and
half T pumpkin spice and (opt half bag semi sweet choc chips) with choc
chips they are 3 points with out they are two. They are good not as
good as the brownies though but they freeze well and I am sneaking
veggies in these girls any way I can. It made 21 muffins btw.
I also finished my bella mittens made out of the misti alpaca from my
shrug. I couldn't find a competent photographer so you only get to see
one hand ;) well have a good night people and thanks uncle sam for the
money back :)

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