Thursday, February 25, 2010

two posts in one

fish killer on the lose!!!
this is very different and not to be confused with the killer fish in Orlando (technically that was a huge mammal that lives in water) but anyway...this my Friends is the picture of a calculated killer. If you look closely you can see that the murder she committed this day is eating her alive!!! She killed in cold blood (because I think fish are cold blooded right) our two lovely family goldfish lily and Rocco who had lived a house hold record of 6 months!!!
Beneath this icy exterior lays the heart of a killer people you can't say I didn't warn you.
These here are the crime scene photos r.i.p. Rocco and lily rest assured that the monster who did this to you will be prosecuted to the full extent of her mom!!!

some body give this lady a gold medal dang it

So I did is fully beaded, beautiful and is soaked and is blocking as we speak a full 24 hours ahead of schedule. I did it I feel like Lindsy Vonn crying at the finish line on her back!!! Injury's dirty house ,dirty children,and dead gold fish be damned I remembered all my training and I pushed until I got that gold darn it!!! It is soo beautiful I can't wait to take it to knit group tomorrow and show the ladies at my lys. I am too excited.

I think I needed a good day of closure I sat around feeling like I didn't know what to do this morning. I felt so bad about my Friend and his mom, not to mentions the whole goldfish and evil baby debacle yesterday. So I sat around in some leggings and a long dress (very crazy earth mother knitter lol if anyone remembers me talking about her) and knit my but off and finished not only my gorgeous hanami but the entire season of Harper's island. It was a very fulfilling day and my heart still sorta hurts for my friend and I am trying to put the fish out of my mind.
Well love you guys but gotta rest for my new project...Juliana out of malabrigo yummmm,


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