Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

It was a uneventful day in our house so far. I am blogging after dinner because we are going to put the girls in bed with a movie early so that we can relax and enjoy some us time. I worked for a while this afternoon to get caught up on my hanami but I figure that I have got to do at least a chart a day which I am a chart and a half in and it is day 3 so I need to make up one and a half charts!!

Here is two pictures of it at one chart repeat done. It is going to be soo beautiful. :)

I didn't do much at all today I am right on track with my ww points and I worked out today even though I didn't need to. I didn't use any of the points I accrued for working out this week and I still have plenty of bonus points left. I figured out I have lost about 25 pounds since this times last year !!! It sorta snuck up on me and I didn't even realize it since I took such a big break from working out when I quit working to stay home.

I down loaded undead and unreturnable last night since I finished undead and unappreciated yesterday and I also happened upon another Minnesota based mystery called chocolate chip cookie murders. It sounds like a fun and promising series I just hope it doesn't make me want bake goods too much lol. Well the monsters need wrangled forced to get ready for bed so that I can enjoy that sexy sweet man I married a bit over three years ago. If anyone is out there bothering to read through my babbling let me know what you did for your Valentines Day. I look forward to hearing some peoples Valentines Day tales. I hope they are great. :) Let me know what you did.
Have fun .

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