Sunday, February 21, 2010

Family dinner

Family Dinner
So this is what it looks like when we pull up to family dinner at my sisters house. I had to take this picture I think it is too funny that in Minnesota we have to dig out our mail boxes. Lol Sadly if has been forever since we have had any snowand it is still that bad.
Right away when I arrived my sister Melissa,her kids Lane,Megan(we call her mean we drop the g) and I ran some errands.(went to the book stores the beauty supply and the grocery store).
We got back home and start cooking while my brother in law and hubby ran to mcd's to get some fillet of fish's (this time of year it is a huge obsession for my hubby it has nothing to do with lent he is just cheap and loves fillet of fish's lol) so there went 11 points for me :( and we got back to cooking. This is a picture of my nephew Lane.

I made Norwegian coffee (my sister wanted to try it) and that helped give our grease laden body's some energy to keep cooking. This would be my sister Melissa enjoying her cup.

Me and my sisters are in the kitchen all day cooking and laughing and screwing around while the boys watch nfl network down stairs. The kids come and go and run wild. My niece Megan is a constant annoyance... I mean fixture in the kitchen. This is her sporting her new pink hair she got at alta earlier. :)

This is the guys area. Our adopted sister Lawna is being greeted by my sisters dogs (zoey the grey monster and Andy the big fat sausage of a lab) My sister is sitting by my brother in law who's birthday it was (happy bday Larry) and our adopted elderly man Sidney is in the red and black. He comes over and eats and listens to us women in the kitchen and tells us that "he has never met any women with dirtier minds" and tells our husbands they wouldn't believe the stuff we talk about. But he was a military man and I am pretty darn sure he is over exaggerating.
Here is when us women retire back to the kitchen. My sister is starting the margaritas. (hey don't judge us ..if you had to deal with 16 people in this house you would need a cocktail or two to get through to lol)

Here is mean back under toe lol

Then this here would be a picture of fire monster when her afternoon tired time hits her. She is throwing a fit and crying since she was kicked out of the bathroom where she goes to eat all the lip gloss and chap sticks.

So we bribed her with candy and sugar and sent her down to sit on her dads lap.

Here is when every one is dishing up. It was enchiladas burritos and rice and all sorts of delish stuff. There is Sidney snatching (I am sure a well deserving mean) All the others have cleared out already.

Here he is sitting at the table with us women listening to our filth and being offended when Lawna made some comment about a old folks home lol. If only I had my camera out for the expression on his face then lol.
This is Andy the pig waiting in the wings. He hides under the table like a crocodile hides under the water and you turn your head for one minute and *snatch* you just hear a snap of his massive crocodile jaws and your food is gone. I always say if you chew with your mouth open at my sisters house your food is

Here is my other sister Angela getting her from the National Guard. She had a rough longer then usual day. She was very happy to see food left which isn't always the case when you are late for family dinner.

This is my nephew Calvin. He is less then a year younger then monkey butt. He stays a night at our house probably once a month and him and fire monster fight like cats and dogs. They have a very love hate relationship she loves him and he hates her so she (being my grandmother reincarnated tries to beat him into loving her lol) We are on the tail end of getting him diagnosed. He is mildly autistic and a huge part of all of our hearts and life.

This is big lar and lane. Big lar is helping clean up (even though he shouldn't have this week) normally the boys clean since we cook. And my nephew lane is talking to him about history.

This is us ladies sitting stuffed at the table chatting after dinner. (notice mean in the back ground) This was the last pic I could get of my sister Angela she threatened to give me a bloody nose like she did a girl in drill that day. She says Sean white looks like he could be her little sister and I think that is way too true and hilariously

Judging by the look on Melissa face in this picture it is probably do to something stupid my brother or his family did.

So there ends family dinner we packed up the fire monster (monkey butt is at her dads) and drove half hour home. Unloaded and went to bed. It takes days for my tummy to get back to normal after all the junk I eat lol. I love family dinner it is loud and crazy and sometimes there is even fights but My family (my sisters esp) are soo great and I love that my kids are so close with thier cousins) It is a great comforting thing. I love it so much and on the weeks we skip even though it is nice to have a break and it is peaceful I miss my family.
I was very nervous to step on the scale today. I lost one pound this week lol. No surprise since I didn't work out pretty much at all. Well I need to get ready for my dad in laws visit. Have a good day ladies.

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