Sunday, February 7, 2010

so far this weekend

Okay here is the practice round of hinami it is okay there are a few things that I would do different next time but it looks much better in person. It is alpaca feather light and lovely. I got blocking wires yesterday so I finally got it blocked.
This right here would be the reason I don't sleep well at night she has the stealth of a ninja I don't know how she always makes it back in our bed but she is very good at fighting our defenses and there you have it a bad baby pie sleeping side ways in out bed.
These would be some fancy new colors of nail polish I picked out for me and my sisters pre superbowl marykay party. I am going to do nails via satin hands and marnie is going to do the make overs.
and this right here the saddest pic of them all I found this while waiting for monkey butt at the bus stop the other day. A WHITE HAIR. OH MY GOD. so needless to say I made ben help me recolor my hair. I am a dark red head now:D Well I am off to get my business done before heading over to my sisters house for the partys (marykay for us superbowl for the boys). Tomorrow I will show a pic of the big purchase with taxes this year.

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  1. Love the color of your Hanami! It's gorgeous.

    Don't worry about the white hair - I'm the youngest in my family and had white hair first. I insisted it was because I had a hubby and kids, and my sisters did not. :p