Wednesday, February 24, 2010


A very sad day
I had a rough rough day today. I got a call from one of my favorite people in the whole world today and he let me know his mom passed away. I am very heart broken. This was a family I was a part of for a while. His mom always told me I was as close as they had to family. My friend doesn't know his dad and has no other family to speak of (he has one brother around my age and they don't even really talk) So I can't even imagine what my friend is going through. At least when I lost my dad my mother was still alive to take care of things.
I would really like to get back there but after looking at school schedules, work schedules, tires and finances I am realizing it probably isn't gong to happen. I just want to go give my friend a big hug and help him get things done. So my hubby was gone by the time I got the news. I sat there and tried to figure out things and knit and watched Harper's island. monster set in. The little demon jumped on the counter I asked her to get down and was proceeding to the kitchen to bust her little butt when she opened the fish food I warned "not to even think about it" she grabbed a spoonful of fish food and threw it in the tank!!!!! I freaked. I yelled for monkey butt and then started to try to fix this. I had to clean and clean to get all the fish food out of the tank. I put the fish in a cup with some of the tanks water. I tried to be as careful as I could with the little guys. I was bawling and throwin things sitting on the floor crying in full melt down mode with fish tank rocks and fish water everywhere and a huge mess. I called my hubby at work freaking out. I was just angry, heartbroken.
I went to check on the beast and she was sucking on the paints full of watercolors and had it all over her face. I started to clean again and she came in and tried eating cat food I shooed her off and finished the clean up (we are just waiting for the fish to die completely so that we can flush them at this point) and started dinner. I made mac and cheese from cook this not that (I needed comfort food) I made two batches I added jalapenos and ham to one and left the other plain. But while the cheese sauce was cooking evea dumped the ham and jalapenos I had chopped all over the floor. So while trying to stir the bachmel sauce I had to chop the rest of the ham lunch meat up and more jalapenos!!!
I fed her put her in her bed with warnings of taking precious things from her and putting a door knob thing on the inside of her door. I am now going to sit here for a bit with my little life saver of a monkey butt who was soo great today snuggle her a bit longer and watch ree drummond on fox today (she made Cinnamon rolls) and then she will have to go to bed and I am going to climb into the tub for the rest of the night (hours and hours if I can help it) and watch some more Harper's island. and when my hubby gets home he is going to have to flush a few fish and tomorrow we will go get more.

I have no clue where I am ww points wise. I have one row of lace left to do then I am done with the chart for the day. I took some pics quick to show the progress. As I looked at them on the computer I can't help but think that there isn't a better stole to be knitting right now. The story behind this is the holes are supposed to be like cherry blossom petals being blown away on the wind. That some things beautiful is blown away in one big gust. I think that that is very very fitting for today because a beautiful loving person was just blown out of my life.

I think this stole will always remind me of Betty now. I will think of her every time I wear it. Well maybe tomorrow will be a better day.

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