Friday, February 12, 2010

opening cerimony..

The big day is here let the knit Olympics begin..
So the first day of the Olympics is off to a swimming start. Got my chores all done got some other things done around the house too. I even found time to run to the grocery store with my sis. I came home made a lower fat version of cheesy tomato bake which is still ten points per portion but is sooo good it was worth it I will work on making a less fatty version. I can do better for you crust and fat free instead of low fat on sour cream and mayo and stuff. Was oh soo good full of broccoli olives tomato's cheese and turkey peperoni. That was what I was doing during the first part of the opening ceremony.

Then after dinner was ate and some what cleaned up I got to sit down and get started. I watched the crazy cool opening ceremony which left me and Ben in aww. The things they did with the light was amazing. I loved watching the glacier party where it broke up and then there were whales swimming through the "water". Another part that I just loved was when the kid was running through the field. Soooo cool.
Trust me it was very hard to watch intently while I was trying to do my beaded cast on. But it is going great I got my beaded cast on done and my 6 rows of garter and was like 5 rows into the lace portion.

Here is a close up to show how great the color and the beaded cast on are looking..

and another not sooo great close up to show it.

Well guys I am still under my points for the day and I did get my work out in too. The last one for the week thank god. I am glad this is paying off. I also started the my zombie valentine book. I am not sure how I like it so far. I will keep you posted. I have only two hours left on the audio book of undead and unappreciated. :) Loving that. I am pooped out and going to knit a few rounds before falling asleep. :) I hope you guys enjoyed the opening ceremony as much as I did. Have a great night guys

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