Saturday, February 13, 2010

Chocolate and chipolte day

So first thing I am going to show you guys today is a picture of my zick zack tunic that got felted this is what it looks like post my laundry miss hap. It is still wearable but not nearly as glorious as before. I put my poor hubby through the torture of trying to get a good knitting picture I don't know about you guys but my husband hates this sooooo much. I make him take it over and over lol poor guy. If you look on the ravelry pictures of it you can tell how much weight I have lost since last year (three more pounds this week btw) Here is the front and back view. and one I attempted to take after he quit to show the entire thing.


This is the little progress I got done today on my knit olympics project. I did finish undead and unappriciate though. It was great. I also got my feast cooked

Hre is my ww style chipotle burrito bowl

Here is the feast in its glory. The chocolate and chipotle feast with all the fixings 3 dozen muffins rice reduced fat cheese, shredded chicken, corn south west salsa, brownies, sour cream, dove chocolates and my beer.:)

Here is the best part of chipolte the cilantro lime rice. Yum Well I am off to catch up on my knitting for the day I just thought I would blog quick since the movie my hubby picked is not my style. (by this I mean there is no one who is undead, no one who can morph into any other form, no zombies or vampires of any sort I mean come on lol) So I am going to down load the next book in my series and get some knitting done. I hope you guys are having a sweet valentines day. If anyone is reading this comment and let me know how your vday was.

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