Friday, December 18, 2009

mittens mittens every where...

Okay so last week my husband was complaining to me that fire monster/goats mittens were falling off when they were playing in the snow and since apparently we live in the Arctic abyss we all need to have every inch of our body covered at all times to stave off frost bite that just won't do. So I got to work devising mittens that will hold tight to those naughty little hands. They have a button at the cuff to help hook them tight. I used the rest of the skein of softy for this one and still have some left over that is four toddler mittens now. So without further adu here is the pattern tentatively titled

The fire monster mittens.

size 4 needles
regia softy
Co 32 stitches
do not join in round yet
r1-4 k
r5 k2, (using one row button hole method create the button hole binding off two stitches adding 3 then knit til end if you are unfamiliar with this method to get the full effect I recommend watching it once on knitting help)
r6-10 k
join in round
r11-14 k
r15,k2, bl,k14
r16 and every other k,k4,bl,k14
r25 k16,place 12 on waist yarn for thumb and continue knitting in round
r37 ssk,k11,k2tog,ssk,k11,k2tog
r38every other knit
r39 ssk,k9,k2tog,ssk,k9,k2tog
r41 ssk,k7,k2tog,ssk,k7,k2tog
r43 ssk,k5,k2tog,ssk,k5,k2tog
r45 ssk,k3,k2tog,ssk,k3,k2tog
cut yarn and kitchner stitch last stitches

pick up the 12 stitches from waist yarn plus pick up two where join is then knit the stitches knitting the two picked up stitches together with the ones beside them bringing you back to 12 stitches this will help prevent holes
r2-6 k
r7 k2tog around cut yarn draw through and pull

for the opposite hand work the button hole on row 6 instead of 5 that will help the buttons be on the correct sides.

sew on buttons where they will make them fit the child snug enough to stay on and you are good to go

I hope you like them

On to the next thing I attempted to make monkey butt a mitten pattern today too but they wound up to small I am going back to the drawing board with my graph paper out and will add stitches and go up a few needle sizes to boot. Here is the work so far. These ones are by a papermate pen to give you a size idea they fit firemonster now so more of a two t. Oh well.

Other then that I got to watch inglorious bastards with my hubby and got one more dish cloth out of the way for my sister. But probably the most exciting news of the day is we may be getting a kitten for the girls for Christmas we have one all lined up I have to call our land lord in the morning and see if we can have another but I am very very excited about this whole thing. I am trying not to be in case it doesn't work out but I know both the girls and naughty will be sooo excited he gets bored I think he was always better off with other animals I think. So we will see tomorrow they have no clue just in case we are keeping it a surprise. So there keep you fingers crossed for a kitty.

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