Sunday, December 20, 2009

Well the weekend has treated us well. We spend yesterday at my sisters for family dinner which we do once a week. I come from a large family and we grew up in Washington state. Four of us siblings live here now in MN. So there are 5 cousins ( our little ones)8 adults with our husbands and wife's and there are the adopted ones who we have made members lol Sid (a old vet) and lawna our fake sister. We have a house full. We had fajitas and a good time. The boys watch football and we girls have a glass of wine and play canasta or what ever and cooke our butts off I did two haircuts for the nephews. It is a good time.

It was sorta nice because there has been some strain there between my brother and his new and the rest of the family but she seemed to be making a attempt to fit in better and it was nice not to have such a elephant in the room (lol not that I am calling her a elephant) There is just something great about spending time with my sisters and being in the kitchen cooking and talking and laughing it is soo great and watching our kids play and fight and grow together. It just makes me soooo happy. Our children are all soo close and I enjoy knowing they will grow with this tradition and such a sense of family.

These are the great stocking my sister made for my girls the pink and purple sparkly one in fire monsters and the multicolored snoopy one is monkey butts she made them different on each side her other side has owls and monsters other side has stripes going the opposite direction and more pink they are great. That girl needs a etsy lol :)

Then today we got up and cleaned until lunch then I painted the girls nails. Me and my hubby decided painting my toe nails for me would be a great Christmas gift. He used to do it all the time when I was pregnant with Evea. I am picky having gone to school for cosmetology but he is very good and he does base coat, two coats color, and a top coat. The polish was getting thick time for a new bottle though lol.

The he took the girls out to sled for a bit and I came in early and heated up every ones rice bags and a tea kettle for cocoa and cider. We are all doing our own things now and in a bit we will go out to look at a few lights and see Santa at a very very festively decorated house in out neighborhood. :) It has been a pretty darn nice weekend if I don't say so my self.

This is the girls enjoying my wrap. Oh and I haven't really got anything to add to the tally of what the goat ate this weekend although she did mistake a glue stick for a chap stick yesterday and rubbed it all over her face and hands and there was even a few chunks in her hair. It made for a interesting hair do by the end of the day.

I finished monkey butts mittens I will take some pics tomorrow after they dry from sledding and I have started my 5th ave scarf can't wait for it to be done. I am almost done with all the presents I have two left to buy and I am not sure what to do for my sister I need at least one more gift for one of them. Any great ideas she has no crafting talent but loves to be spoiled and girlie and decadent. My one sis got two hats a rice bag and a full foil and haircut. The other only has a corn bag so far I was going to make a snuggie but she doesn't want one mmmm what to do?

Well off to knit give me some ideas if anyone is reading.

ps very sad news britney murphy died today rip brit

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  1. Sorry, no ideas really. Likes to be about a 'spa' day at the local nail place? Do her toes and fingers and they have deluxe packages where they massage your legs and put your hands in hot wax.... or are you looking for something to make for her? There are some wonderful cashmere mittens...