Friday, December 18, 2009

mmmmm new yarn...

Well I got to go on a nice little outing to my favorite lys today knitters palette and got some yummy new yarns I am super excited about and also got to sit around and knit for a few minutes with a few lovely ladies. I always love going there sooo much and love when I get to curl up in pams cozy shop and knit a few minutes it is soooo homey. :) The staff is great to. Love them to pieces.

Well here is the yummy new stuff I got

This is going to be MY 5th ave infinity scarf I can hardly wait. It is malabrigo worsted mmm

This is going to be mittens for me I am not positive what pattern yet I will keep you posted it is berroco vintage wool a fav.

After such a cozy time I came home and decided to embrace my minnesotaness and whipped up some tater tot hot dish lol. I can't even recall the last time I made it but I don't stick to the hot dish rules some do I did hamburger a can of corn and one for green beans (because that is what i had in the cupboard) and a bit of rice ( because i like it that way) of coarse cream of mushroom soup and some cheese then tater tots. The goat ate sooo much. I was whipping up the table after dinner and had to literally fight her over a few kernels of corn that were on the table lol.

I was really wishing I had the movie new in town to watch after that but alas it was 20/20 and finishing up the fist of the set of monkey butts mittens. I was up re charting late into the night last night and got it all worked out hey are on size 6 needles since I knit fairisle soooo tight and are much better still a bit pouchy since i am still learning but better. I am half way through mitten two now.

Oh as for the kitten situation our land lord is out of the office until Monday so keep your fingers crossed I think the girls would love that sooooo much. hmm what else the goats eating tally as of today I can only think of a hair rubber band so we are looking pretty darn good. Monkey butt is off spending the night with her cousins and auntie and will no doubt come home spoiled rotten and in rare form tomorrow. Well i can hear the hubby's snoring beckoning me to come to bed off I go good night people

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