Thursday, December 24, 2009

was dying but looks like I may live..

Okay so I have been god awful sick for days on end now and I am probably going to live though. My sister in law came over and gave me this respiratory crud that resulted in me making a trip to cub in my nick and nora airstream and flamingo pj pants and getting many looks of "should I call some one she clearly has escaped some where" and then the hacking would start I am pretty sure everyone was throwing respiratory masks in their cart lol.

anyway I finished my 5th ave infinity scarf and let me tell you if I had to leave my husband for a yarn it would be this malabrigo kaledoes yarn it is beautiful. I love it sooo much. It is blocking right now after a bath in soak so that it will be less rolly.

I also knit my sister a pair of Susie's reading mitts that I adore. I love them so much I made them out of the vintage wool in lilacs. They are great. I am going to knit my self some asap. but first I think I will knit my sister a hat out of the left over malabrigo.

I also knit her a suds o plenty by danido and filled it with a yummy hand made (not by me) vanilla and oatmeal soap

Here are some pics from the trip to see Santa the other day. It is the coolest thing I have seen in a while. Who ever does this and makes their house a wonder for all the boys and girls thanks you soo much. There are tons of stuffed animals on rides and a path all the way around the house in the back there was a fire and a tv with the vikings games on the patio and a toy for tots box. There also was a coloring contest my kids had to enter here is the pics of them hard at work.

This is a random pic of fire monster caught causing trouble. Her tally has gone down allot nothing horribly new to report. Well I have to get dressed as my hubby will be home soon and I am still in my pjs and looking horrible still from being sick. I could at least get dressed though lol. We have some wrapping to do and I have a hat to knit. :) merry Christmas to all my real and imaginary friends.

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