Monday, December 14, 2009

favorite time of day.

This is one of my favorite times of day. Monkey butt has gone off to kindergarten and Ben is off to work. Even my little fire monster enjoys this time of day. She likes to curl up on her sisters bed and pick a movie and sit there relaxing with no one to boss her around. She can not even be talked into snuggling in the living room and watching a movie.

I finish my chores up get things in order and relax some where cozy to read or watch tv and knit. Today it is my bed and season one of true blood calling my name. :) I use my every way wrap to snuggle up which I absolutely love love love. I made it from vintage wool one of my new favs. I am working on my sis in laws foliage and am worried there isn't going to be enough yarn!!!

Here are some pics of the lovely every way wrap from interweave. Love it soooooo much. I wear it as a vest allot or just curl up on the couch to keep my shoulders warm. :)

This is what you get with a cell phone and a 6 year old photographer lol but you get the picture sorta.

Anyway off to snuggle in and watch my true blood and finish up some Christmas present. I have to head out this evening to a pure romance team meeting and Christmas party which I am sure will be a absolute blast and will lift my spirits. :) I have been a bit stressed which is normal for this time of year Christmas below zero weather and the adjustment of my husband being laid off and trading to his winter job. I forgot how that is in the beginning we haven't dealt with it in a few years :) anyway. I can use a great Christmas party with tons of fun girls and laughs to drag me out of my crazy laundry and knitting shut in world where it is just me the two year old and cat. This should be just that :)

Well off to get some work done before I get gussied up for the party. :)

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  1. Wow - love the new look of your blog! You look so comfy with your feet up in front of the fireplace. :) Hope you all are well and have a great Christmas.