Tuesday, May 11, 2010

firemonsters tiny toast

So some times last fall we were at the park and I had knit monkey butt some wrist warmers and I was really wishing I had made holes for the thumbs so that she could play and still have her fingers to grip ladders and swings and what not but I also wanted them to be leg warmers should the mood strike her. So I improvised these in fire monsters size from left over sock yarn..

the sock yarn is regia and it isn't the softest but it is very durable and too stinkin cute the resist

She is 2t right now
Here they are as leg warmers.

So the patterns is simple as pie.

with size 1 needles co 40 st join in the round and knit 2x2 ribbing (k2,p2) for 6 rounds then knit until are desired length from thumb ( I did hers so them can be used as full sleeves) Then do I one row button hole I bo 5 stitches for her tiny fingers you may need to do one more. Then knit two rows even and 6 more rows of 2x2 ribbing and do a sewn bo. They are simple and very cute and practical. They work for boys or girls too. :)

and that is that

This is the sock yarn I am going to use to knit monkey butts teachers gift for the end of the year she chose fan and feather socks. :)

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