Sunday, December 12, 2010

snowed in.

Well... This is insane. We got 22'' of snow yesterday and today currently it has warmed up to a tropical 7 degrees!!! we live in a uninhabitable Arctic tundra...

This is my front door..

you kind of expect to see polar bears and penguins but I think it is too cold for them lol..

My poor hubby drove to work then got to come home and shovel his way into the garage last night. The snow is up past my belly button and way taller then firemonster.. It was light out when he started shoveling by the way. I don't know where are evil rabid plow man was but it is almost 24 hours later you have seen our door way and our drive way still isn't plowed!!! We live in a town home area where it is supposed to be taken care of. I do see all of the guys standing at the bottom of the hill talking though. If this was last year I would have offered them cocoa but I really don't' feel the need to be accosted today.

So instead I stay snowed it and made homemade pizza yummmooo..
You make the dough by adding 1/2 packet of yeast to 1 1/2 c warm water. then mix 4 c flour and 1/3 c oil once mixed add the water mixture and a t salt. spray a big glass bowl with non stick spray and cover with plastic wrap also sprayed . Place it on the back of your stove between burners to let raise with temp set to about 350 once dough has doubled raise temp to 500 to pre heat.
roll out dough and top (makes two good size pizzas or more thin crust pizzas)

This one is pesto sauce (I used classico not quiet half a jar) spread it then use fresh mozzarella slice it with cheese slicer and top then I ripped up spinach and sliced a tomato and one small can of olives yumm. I bake mine about 12 minutes.

this one is potato bacon. I use Alfredo sauce spread it then slice up a potato using a potato peeler so that it is very paper thin. I cover the whole pizza them top it with more fresh mozzarella and some bacon crumbles. yummmm..

the only problem lol

Some one always thinks he needs a spot at the table. He doesn't cause trouble mostly he just sits there in a empty chair staring at you like "where is my plate" He is such a dorky cat. But we have enough left over pizza for dinner and that means I don't have to cook a second meal today. :) We are going to rearrange things in the girls room and get some chores done. :) Well hope you guys are having a great weekend and things are well with you all :)

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