Thursday, December 2, 2010

guess who is getting a bubble for christmas...

So I was dead asleep about 5:30 this morning (which was saying allot because I was up half the night hacking up a lung) when I was awoke by the unmistakable sound of someone throwing up. I sat straight up and smacked Ben. Since fire monster was sleeping right beside me (yet another problem lol) I had figured out it had to be monkey butt. "Shelby's puking" He went in and checked on her.
We later had a discussion about why he is always the one who has to take the action. I said I am dispatch he is the first response team. That is just how it is in our house lol. But anyway. This was the state most of the day in between puking spells..
At one point she was done throwing up for a while then started again and she lay her head on the toilet seat and said"I knew I shouldn't have snuck that chocolate" she had snuck the chocolate out of her advent calender even though we said no since she was sick and threw it all up. Poor kid. So we are thinking since this is now pinkeye, a broken arm, strep throat, the flu, and the stomach flu for her so far this school year that we should get her a bubble for Christmas since she clearly has no immune system
She is keeping down water and Gatorade so far now and We are trying apple sauce. This is how she is right now.
she is in the pillow case dress I made her yesterday. Hers ties in the back and has rosettes on the left breast a pocket on the right front I am not done I think they are still missing something..

Here is fire monsters..

it isn't crooked it is just the way it is hanging. hers has a bow on the left breast and a pocket on the right bottom and ties at the shoulders. They are cute but I think I am going to add some contrasting fabric to the bottom tomorrow. and bigger ribbon..
Here is what I have been working on today..

I ripped and restarted my sisters fingerless mittens. They were too big at 50 stitches so I am starting over with 40 and they seem to be working just great. A nice easy mindless thing on a day I feel horrible with this cold taking over my chest and have a sick kid on the couch. We are having a lazy movie night and watching princess and the frog on netflix and laying around. I did unload the dishwasher and start a load of laundry I might even vacuum but I think that is as good as it is going to get around here today no extras just the tidy up. Well right now yahoo says it is 13 f here in MN so I hope every one is doing good and staying warm Have a good night guys

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  1. Poor Monkey Butt! I hope she can finally kick all this illness!

    I got a great giggle out of the "first responder" bit - you are *so* funny! (Tell Ben he's a great Dad, too, for taking the puke job.)