Saturday, December 11, 2010

Oh the weather outside is frightful..

So here in the twin cities area it is snowing like crazy out. We are in the middle of a blizzard. I of coarse am hiding from rabid snow removal employees.

Although there are some parts of snow I think are beautiful like huge snowflakes floating to the ground. and when the snow is fresh and clean and looks like big piles of glitter I have always loved that.

it does look pretty on the window behind our teeny tiny Christmas tree although...

I would say this behind the dinning room table is over kill..

I mean you can hardly see out the lower windows anymore!!!

or over by the entryway bench!!!
But I suppose that is fine because all I plan on doing today is this..

yup I am watching netflix messing around on my computer and knitting of coarse :) Well I should get back to work :) Cupcake hats are flying out like hotcakes these days. I actually made my sweet hubby drop two orders in the mail on his way to work today. He is like the postal service no stopping that man :) Well I am off to do what I love and love what I do (in my pjs lol) stay warm people

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