Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My new addiction

So I don't know if you guys remember this.

It is a head band I bought at a craft fair for fire monsters b-day...

it is adjustable and has Velcro on the back so that it stays in place. I love it and I am not a perfect sewer by any means but practice makes perfect so among other things I set out to make some of these today...

Here are mine. I made five

They are cute and work just as well I am thinking after a bit of practice I will throw these on my etsy too. I love mine and it even stays in place at they gym. (I won't charge a arm and a leg for them like I paid though lol)

I was showing monkey butt some of the project bags I was working on and she asked for one. I said "why what would you keep in it".

"my Nintendo ds" duh I should have known.

So I came up with this (give me some credit I have only really been sewing a few days this was quiet the leap for me lol)

this is the out side but..

This is the inside it has 4 pockets 3 hold individual games and one holds the little 4 game case I bought her. Plus it is nice flannel so it will protect it :) will be nice on car trips :) I worked on some other stuff too but I didn't take pics. :)
I know my sewing isn't top notch (I have been sewing less then a week bare with me people lol)

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