Wednesday, December 8, 2010

more christmas decorating..

For some reason I am feeling very inadequate decorating this year. I think it is because I read some many of you lovely ladies blogs who are soo great at this and who's houses look like Santa would be right at home in. Then I look around my house and think I must be missing a chromosome or something because I just can't seem to get it right. So I keep moving things redoing things and am driving my hubby crazy but my girls are loving it because they have a project almost every day. Me and monkey but made this...

super cute and easy and got the print off from one of my fav blogs here..
Here is what the mantel is (today at least lol)
the project for today is to glitter the pine cones and turn them into little Xmas trees like this

I got that great idea from linds

Here is my table so far (I just put the purple underneath because I keep thinking I need something else to add and I think I was right I need a table runner.(never thought I would need one of those lol)

This is the entry way. The peacock feathers came from one of my crazy mom in laws crazy Friends we actually went to her house and the girls helped gather them..

and this was the project for yesterday which still isn't finished I need some ribbon to finish it off before I hang it properly.

things keep moving and shifting and I keep getting more ideas and changing things. Today for my project list I have to go get coffee filters, ribbon, a paint pen, and some wood. (don't ask)

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  1. Well, think of it this way: the girls get the excitement of "decorating" each day - almost like an advent calendar in itself!

    (Your decorations look lovely.)