Wednesday, December 8, 2010

our tree..

So we went to pull out our tree this year and I couldn't find it.. I then remembered that we threw it away at the end of last season because It was falling apart. My sister said oh you can have our old tree. I took it home and Ben surprised me by putting it up when I was out one day and boy..was I surprised. It is 3ft!!!!

lol so here it is in all its glory this year...

We buy special ornaments each year for each person and then a few fun ones. here are some of my favs for the year.. I found this fun one at walmart yesterday and couldn't pass it up...

it is like Dorothy/sex in the city.

this is one we made it has silver bead string in it and is just pretty..

Here is mine for the year it is yarn and glitter..

monkey butt made this one. she filled it with foam balls from the 1$ store

this is my hubby's ornament from the first Christmas we were together I thought it was too cute because our first kiss was at a bon fire :)

This is our first ornament as a couple

I just thought it was soo cute the two snowmen all snuggled up. There are other ornaments that I love but those are some of the greats I think I might have to do a few posts to get all my favs in there lol

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