Thursday, December 9, 2010

new decorations..

I spent most of the day out running around with my sister while she shopped for beads and wire and what not for her jewelry. I follow her and try to be patient and write stuff on little baggies as she picks out stuff and remind my self that she does go to yarn shops with me and she rewards me with this...

that would be a cafe latte white mocha and slice of chocolate pistachio cream torte (lunch of champions)
So here is the update on what has been changed added and made in my living room today..Yesterday me and fire monster glittered the pine cones and added the snowflake/stars on top.

then today I made this lol I am sick but I think its funny..I don't' know if you can see but those are x's for eyes on the broken snowman

my sister in law came over yesterday and we made these coffee filter wreaths one hangs on either side of the window in the dining room. I took a teal and cranberry colored stamp pad and dabbed it on them to bring out the ruffles and tie it in with this..

I put these in the entry way..

and hung this now that I have the bow on it..

I am sorta hoping that I am done but I keep finding other new things I am dying to make. well I should feed the kids who live in my house lol. I am off

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