Monday, December 6, 2010

more cool projects

So I have a few new things to share with you. This one I am soo excited about and love love love. I found these things called baby legs that are great they are like tights/legwarmers for toddlers/babies. That way when they need to go potty or get changed you don't have to wrestle the tights to keep thier little legs warm plus they protect crawlers legs. Big kids can even throw them on with short sleeves. Well only problem at 10-12$ a pair a bit rich for my blood. So when I saw this here Is what I looked like ..

You can make your own from knee high adult socks!!! I bought fire monster tons of pairs for $1.50 at target and here is the secret so you too can rock like me...

Cut the sock like so..

Throw away the toe and heel and fold the arch part like so..

put it together with the leg part of the sock like so and sew up on zig zag stitch..

and viola you have a pleasing selection of awesomeness for what it would cost for less then 1 pair of baby legs.

Now I have to show you the new fabric that I picked up it is too cute..
I already started to sew projects for my etsy out of it

and if these bags aren't cute enough for you check this out..

Don't' get attached because this one is mine.. here is the back side

but there are other sayings on it 4 in total

Happiness is a cup of coffee shared with a friend
no questions until I have had my second cup and coffee is my cup of tea. Isn't this one great coffee and chocolate... Is there anything better really??? Well I am off to do some chores before I am forcing myself to go to the gym even though I got home from the dentist not long ago and am just now getting the feeling back in the left side of my face. Not even kidding you it was my eyebrow ,ear ,the nose everything in between!!! wish me luck people
ps don't forget to comment and get entered in a drawing for my goodies. I am really excited about this one.

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