Friday, February 19, 2010

It has been a exsplosive say the least
It has been a very very very long day. I spend most of the night listening to my husbands phone go off with text message after text and feeling like each one was bomb just waiting to go off (my sister in law on a tyraid) then we got a call last night from the dad in law (who is notorious for calling and giving max 3 days notice that he is driving down for a visit) and he is coming down early Sunday which was fuel on the fire with the sister in law issue. I was trying to get my mind off of stuff and it was already late so I sat up and watched pride and prejudice (the one with kiera knightly) and was thinking that It would be better if they did the pride a prejudice and zombies version I read this summer because the old version to me is just lacking now some how.
But I Finally crashed only to be woke up at 6:30 (keep in mind that our house is a at least 8:30 9:00 house) by the cat. My hubby had shut the door when he got up he shut the cat out. I tried yelling for him to shut up..didn't work. So finally I went and opened the door for him and climbed back into bed, only to be met there by naughty(the cat and that is a real name) who made him self at home right between me and fire monster (who had also made her way into my bed at some point last night) and she was very excited to see that he was there and it was all over. She was up and ready for the day even though I soooo was not.
So then our day went on and on many fights between the girls who are not morning people. I noticed the in law ever the mature one had deleted me and my entire family from her fb account!! I was running around cleaning getting things done for company, cooking, talking to my sis helping her figure out if she wanted one of those book reader dealies they have now and what color if so, and then...



and for good measure we threw in a few of these lol.

Fire monster had a metal bracelet monkey butts and dropped it on a night light in the hall (the one she always pulls the cover off) and the prongs must have been the slightest bit exposed because metal hit metal and bang pop sparks. I knocked the light out of the socket and got her out of the way. She hid in the laundry room for a long time. I attempted to explain this to her that she could be hurt very bad and she could make a fire. Now she is scared of sockets and says fire scares her. (which is almost a good thing something has got to..right?) So I wondered out to the garage and flipped the breaker and got on with the day but I did take a trip to target to get some covers.
I also was required to have a lengthy conversation with my hubby about the in law thing. I refuse to fight anymore. But I love him sooo much that I hate HATE seeing him so worked up and stressed so I sent a text saying simply this :I want this to stop we need to call it a wash and just end it all in all. It is too much stress on Ben. I don't want to talk about it at all. I just want this to end.
So there we have it. I am not over stuff I just want the nastiness and calls and texts and emails to stop I want peace in my life. So here is the peace I have been working on when I get a bit of time. I have a bit of knitting done but I am not caught up. I have been very busy cleaning polishing and doing stuff around here to burn off frustration. But here is my progress...
Here is the other peace I intend to enjoy around here tomorrow. I have read in quiet a few books (a few lorna landvick ones and a the most recent one is the chocolate chip cookie murders) where they make coffee but they put a egg and egg shell in with the grounds. So I looked it up on line and tried it yesterday but it was sorta a mess and hard to do but the coffee was delish so today. thing. I am going to make Norwegian coffee. I grabbed this beautiful shiny percolator today. I am going to get up and make my self a nice big pot of Norwegian coffee. :) I will take pictures and let you know how it goes tomorrow.

Well I am very tired and I am watching a disc of fear its self from netflix with the hubby (who seems to have a big weight off his shoulders after over a week of migraines and sick to his stomach) and he keeps falling asleep on the couch and I need to snuggle him and do some knitting. :) Happy knitting people. and does anyone want a early rising cat???


  1. Yikes! So glad Fire Monster was not injured. :)
    Sounds like you need some rest, my dear....

  2. yes I was very lucky. We just haden't put on new outlet covers after the move. They are on now though. :) and thanks I took a tylonal pm and slept like a rock last night :)