Tuesday, February 9, 2010

tomorrow laundry olympics...friday knit olympics

So today I spent a good part of the afternoon tackling that mountain of laundry you saw yesterday and I am happy to day I took at least a silver there is one load from today in the drier but all the rest from yesterday is washed dried folder hung up and put away!!! I am done wooohoo.
My good pal Amy asked me yesterday what are you knitting for the Olympics??? Well Amy my friend Here it is I will be knitting another Hanami only this time it will have not only the beaded edge but I will do it the way my friend Angela does with beads by the part where there are all the yo's that represent cherry blossom petals on the wind.
Here is the yarn I will knit it with some lovely light blue alpaca..
Here are the beads I will use on it they are sorta a clearish silver and very very tiny and pretty..
And here is them together it is so hard to get a good pick of them the lighting just wouldn't cooperate. So there you have it I am going to attempt a fully beaded hanami I will start on the opening ceremony and will have to be done by end of closing ceremony. This will be a challenge for me seeing as I have been working off and on on a pair of socks for my nephew for over a month and they have gone no where lol.
The snow finally stopped by the way. But they did have two hour late start and no am kindergarten at monkey butts school (she is pm) and when we got to the library for story time it had been canceled so we just checked out books and left (not before fire monster through a huge fit over this stuffed squirrel she has taken a liking to there. every week it is a issue..lol). But on a plus side for tolerating that embarrassment the copy of the 4th harper connely book by charlaine harris came in wooohoo. So I am rich in books which in this weather is a great thing to be.
Here is a pic of my dinner it was very very good. I have decided I love turkey peperoni. It is two weight watchers points for 17 pieces. This is a baked potato with turkey peperoni some spaghetti sauce and mozzarella cheese, a Arnold's bun with same and a couple slices of pear. It was great really filled the pizza craving and was way way way bigger then it looked by the way. Me and monkeybutt fit in a quick little mini work out during biggest loser.

Monkey butt has a read-a-thon at school tomorrow and wifi will be getting set up in the house two different sets of paper work are due that need to be arranged and sent out one for medical insurance and one for student loans. A busy day tomorrow. and then and Thursday relax and have fun day. We will be taking the day off (letting monkey butt stay home ) and we will be taking out annual valentines day date up to the children's museum. We always do some thing special with monkey butt for a valentines day date. I will give the back story on that day but there will defanitly some pics to enjoy too and two exhausted babies at the end of the day. :) Have a good night guys.
--aimee powers


  1. Congrats on finishing your laundry!

    What an ambitious project for the knitting olympics. :0
    Here's rooting that you'll bring home the gold!