Sunday, February 28, 2010

lazy sunday afternoon

Mmmm Sunday
Well fire monster caught a cold or her allergies are acting up or she is teething or something. She climbed in our bed in the middle of the night snotty as all get out and kept us up half the night. So I was really tired and bleary eyed most of the morning. We had cinnamon rolls for breakfast and a giant cup of coffee for me. I wound up spending most of the morning snuggling her on the couch and watching howls moving castle. Her favorite we watch it almost daily and it is becoming a real problem (she made me call her Sophie most of last week that is a old lady in the movie..don't' ask)
anyway then all the rest of my morning until the hubby got home around 3 was cleaning. I got most things back in order after putting it on the back burner for Olympics but don't be surprised if there are pictures of mountains and mountains of laundry on tomorrows blog lol. but every one got home and my hubby had to watch hockey so we all went to our respectable corners and hid out the rest of the afternoon.

Here is how I spent my time. I worked on the Juliana while watching How To Make A American Quilt on netflix. (loved that movie since junior high lol) and curled up cozy. It was soo nice and the yarn is soo yummy and it is knitting up very well and after the rush of the last one I am really just enjoying this simple 8 row repeat especially when 4 of them are just stockinette stitch.

Here she is for her close up isn't she pretty yummy malabrigo.

The two girls curled up together on monkey butts bed and watched rescuers (my sister brought over a bunch of old vhs tapes from Calvin so it is like all new movies super exciting for them) and this is fire monster today she has on a snow white costume and as a said snotty nose and if you look close drool on her chin. Her hair is pulled up into a messy pony because I didn't want to have to unstick it from her cheek boogers she keeps spreading all over no matter how many tissues I give her or how many times I blow wipe or suck out her little nose!!! ah the joys of motherhood but on a run to Walgreen's for Vick's I found they now have moisturizing wet wipe things for the crusties that will not hurt their little noses. I will let you know if they were worth it or stick to your normal wet wipes.

Here is the oooh so big monkey butt. She is sitting in her sisters boppy snuggling her (they use it all the time still lol) if you look in the back ground her kit doll is hanging out. Unbeknownced to her fire monster plays with her all weekend when she is gone at her dads that and her Nintendo ds. She is fresh home from her dads with the bags under her eyes to prove it. She always stays up Way to late.
and last but not least here is my sweet honey watching hockey after work. He did not want me to take this and banned me from putting it on my blog but.... I do what I want. Besides this is a very Ben look. The fuzzy at the bottom of the pic is fire monster walking toward him whining and wanting some thing.
Other then that nice quiet day. While I cooked migas for dinner Ben gave fire monster a bath with Vic's bath stuff. They were a big hit. I didn't even get a picture they went soo quick. But let me tell you figured out the nutritional info later. I am going to change it to cut and bake the tortillas and 4 egg whites 1 egg and mozzarella and less of it lol. It makes the difference of 600 something calories and 30 g fat to 230 cal and 5 grams of fat lol. Geez. Anyway it was delish.
Well people my girls are in bed and I am going to hang out with the hubby and turn in early. Hopefully we get better sleep tonight we gave fire monster Vic's ,nose spray ,nose sucking,and a teny tiny bit of benadryl (her doc has her take it for allergies she is huge allergies baby). I have some knitting to do. Maybe I will even take a shower today heck who knows weirder things have happened lol. Goal for this week get back to working out and get all the stinkin laundry put away lol.

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